The ONYAs - a celebration of New Zealand's web industry

A celebration of New Zealand's web industry


We wanted to create some awards that meant something to the industry, that were credible and relevant. We wanted some awards that focused on the web and didn't relegate that to a category amongst broader design awards. And we wanted the awards to be judged by the best people we could find

So we created the ONYAs.

The ONYAs are brought to you by the team at Webstock. The web industry in New Zealand is world class. The ONYAs are awards that reflect that.

So why now?

We actually think this is a great time to launch the ONYA web awards. The web is both mature enough as a medium for good judgements to be made on value and beauty and new enough that the horizons for development are still vast. We want there to be a record and celebration of the achievements of the New Zealand web industry and are committed to making the the ONYAs where that happens.


We'd like to acknowledge the generous support of the fine folks of the West Australia Web Awards. They've been extremely generous in helping us set up the ONYAs and sharing their expertise and experience with us.


For more information about the ONYAs, please contact either:

Natasha Hall - 021 34 36 10
Mike Brown - 021 87 94 97

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