The ONYAs - a celebration of New Zealand's web industry

A celebration of New Zealand's web industry


Finalists - Most outstanding website

There are four finalists in this category because of the high standard!


Website: NZ On Screen
Judges' comment: “I just think the content is brilliant. Great navigation too - I love being able to narrow down this way.


Website: Positively Wellington Tourism
Judges' comment: “I really like that this feels like the content is curated - highlights are shown, not just everything. Nicely written and presented.


Website: MetService
Judges' comment: “Another one that is just as good as it should be. Perfect navigation, concise content, a needed service.


Website: Down To The Wire
Judges' comment: “Great use of content, code and design to communicate to users.

Finalists - Most innovative

Sponsored by Idealog

There are four finalists in this category because of the high standard!

Kiwibank & Social Capital

Website: heaps!
Judges' comment: “An awesome way to manage your personal finances. Wish I had this!

SilverStripe Ltd / 1-Night

Website: 1-Night
Judges' comment: “A very enticing interface. A strong entry.

NV Interactive

Website: Black Caps Video Vault
Judges' comment: “Unique, useful and a visually pleasing UI.


Website: Ponoko
Judges' comment: “Love that Ponoko!

Finalists - Best visual design

Sponsored by BNZ

Resn & Crispin Porter and Bogusky

Website: Dominos — Behind The Pizza
Judges' comment: “A healthy dose of charm and delight are baked into this very playful experience. Fun!

NV Interactive

Website: Canterbury Museum
Judges' comment: “Striking framing for Canterbury Museum and its works. A pleasure to explore!


Website: Fringe Festival 2010
Judges' comment: “Fringe pulls no punches, serving up an onslaught of visual energy. Bravo!

Finalists - Best web application

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There are four finalists in this category because of the high standard!


Website: Eventfinder Pro
Judges' comment: “I've tried many an event ticketing system: this one is REALLY awesome. Responsive, good-looking, very nice work.

Kiwibank & Social Capital

Website: heaps!
Judges' comment: “This is what I've always wanted from online banking!


Website: Vend
Judges' comment: “Offline features are very smart, critical for a POS system. An amazing product!

NV Interactive

Website: Blackcaps Video Vault
Judges' comment: “Visual flair enhances the overall experience. A powerful, easy to learn interface.

Finalists - Best mobile application

My Tours

Website: My Tours
Judges' comment: “Worked well. Like the integration of service website, clear targeting, and a nice-looking app.


Website: AlphaJax
Judges' comment: “Very nicely put together.

Cactuslab & ACP Media

Website: North & South
Judges' comment: “Clean, clear, very good.

Finalists - Best content (corporate)

Sponsored by Springload

There are four finalists in this category because of the high standard!

Consumer New Zealand

Website: Consumer New Zealand
Judges' comment: “Classic consumer site with authoritative, highly readable verdicts on all sorts of products and services.


Website: Down to the Wire
Judges' comment: “Lively, idiosyncratic history of the internet in New Zealand. Fun history in bits and bobs, interviews, videos and episodes. Remember this—remember that? You were there, mate.

NZ On Screen

Website: NZ On Screen
Judges' comment: “A fascinating showcase of New Zealand TV, film and music video. We defy you to leave this site without exploring at least a little bit. Go on, you know you want to. Don't forget to eat.


Website: Ride Forever
Judges' comment: “Rich pickings for its target audience: middle-aged born-again bikers, in love with the romance of the road but not too sure about gear, technique or etiquette. Excellent writing.

Finalists - Best content (personal)

Miraz Jordan

Website: Mac Tips
Judges' comment: “Clean, clear and to the point, Miraz's site is an exemplar of utility, consistency and longevity. If you own a Mac (and who doesn't?) subscribe.

Ben Gracewood

Judges' comment: “More than just a website, it's a New Zealand's one-stop-shop for geekery: reviews, forums, videos - all presided over by the inimitable Mr Gracewood.

Courtney Johnston

Website: Best of 3
Judges' comment: “Courtney's inquiring mind and catholic tastes make this site a pleasure to dip into, or to trawl through at length: rewarding at every turn.

Finalists - Best user experience

Sponsored by Xero

There are four finalists in this category because of the high standard!


Website: Eventfinder Pro
Judges' comment: “Fantastic application. Full-featured and easy to use. Great dashboard to keep an eye on status of your events.


Website: New Zealand Herald for iPad
Judges' comment: “Perfect use of the technology. Elegant and wonderful to use. Could easily use this every day.


Website: Hermitage Hotel Website & Booking Engine
Judges' comment: “Visually lovely site, compelling content and an interesting approach to the booking feature.


Website: Hive
Judges' comment: “Slam dunk! So impressed the whole team is now using it.

Finalists - Best use of HTML & CSS

Sponsored by Google


Website: Public Address
Judges' comment: “Great to see valid HTML5. Excellent adaptation to smaller screens using media queries. Neat trick with the logo colours.

NV Interactive

Website: Strategy
Judges' comment: “A strong entry. The site has a strong separation of presentation, markup and behaviour. The grid animation technique is very neat.


Website: Heyday
Judges' comment: “The way the non-JS case is handled for the gallery and client panels is superb. Support of swipe gestures on the iPhone is a lovely touch.

Finalists - Best mobile website


Website: Metservice Mobile Site
Judges' comment: “A nice tight design, bringing the brand aesthetic to mobile devices.

Jay Nielson

Website: DayOut Mobile
Judges' comment: “A solid implementation. Nice use of location to add context.

Finalists - Best accessibility

Ministry of Social Development

Website: Ministry of Youth Development
Judges' comment: “The site was easy to navigate without mouse, though some tweaks to forms and tables could make the site more accessible.


Website: Word On The Street
Judges' comment: “Easy to navigate without mouse, comment form well marked up for accessibility.


Website: Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind
Judges' comment: “Site works well overall, though some work on colour contrasts would help make the site more accessible.

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